Where Residents Work

Where Residents Work

Every year, The Broad Residency invites a select number of school systems to host incoming Residents. TBR’s intensive research and selection process for organizations begins in the fall and continues through the winter.

Broad Residency partner organizations are in the midst of bold and significant efforts to improve educational outcomes for all the children they serve.  Their momentum, strategies, and courageous leadership make them great opportunities for Residents to make an impact and to learn from those leading the way. 


Featured Regions

The following regions are ones in which we are certain to partner. These six regions may also include a one-time signing bonus.



Working to move the bottom 5% of Tennessee schools to the top 25% within five years.



Increasing every family's ability to choose the school that best fits their children.


New Jersey

Aligned leadership: state, district, civic, and philanthropic.

Meet the Leaders

Chris Barbic
Kevin Huffman
Chris Reynolds


Meet the Leaders

Patrick Dobard
Kate Mehok
John White


Meet the Leaders

Cami Anderson
Paymon Rouhanifard


Broad Residents

Malika Anderson
Zachary Rossley
Ash Solar


Broad Residents 

Hannah Dietsch
DeLano Ford
Neerav Kingsland


Broad Residents 

Larissa Shambaugh
Pete Shulman
Rochelle Sinclair

Likely Residency Opportunities in

Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville


Likely Residency Opportunities in

Baton Rouge, New Orleans



Likely Residency Opportunities in

Newark, Trenton



Increased automony for principals and differentiated compensation for teachers.        



Promoting local decision making and innovation via a unified charter system.             



A strategic approach to staffing and performance managment.                              

Meet the Leaders

Tom Boasberg
Bill Kurtz


Meet the Leaders

Robert Avossa
David Jernigan


Meet the Leaders

Ann Clark
Heath Morrison

Broad Residents 

Josh Drake
Peter Piccolo
Shayne Spalten


Broad Residents 

Patty Foglesong
Arthur Mills IV
Ken Zeff


Broad Residents 

Kathryn Block
Akeshia Craven-Howell
Rashidah Morgan





































Other Potential Regions






Los Angeles

San Francisco/Bay Area

San Jose









San Antonio



New York


Washington, DC


A list of recent partner organizations can be found here.  This gives a picture of potential partners, but we are not certain to partner with all of these organizations for the 2015-2017 cohort.



Organization Types

Broad Residents work in school districts, charter management organizations and federal and state departments of education. Brief overviews of the organization types in the Residency are online here




The Broad Residency is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. Submit your resume today