Associate Residents

Associate Residents

For Candidates Already Working in the Education Sector.

Candidates currently working in a district, charter management organization, or state department of education can apply if they meet the following eligibility requirements:




Must have been in their organization for less than 18 months by the time they join the program (i.e. candidates for the 2015-2017 class cannot have been employed by their organization prior to January 2014).

The Broad Residency’s professional development largely focuses on the transition into the education sector (and how to succeed as new manager in this sector).

Must be working in a role that impacts multiple schools.

The Broad Residency’s mission is to improve school systems.

Must have an advanced degree, 4+ years of work experience, and experience in one or more functional business areas.

For additional information on these requirements, please see the Selection Criteria page.


These candidates, if accepted into the program, are called Associate Residents. They are evaluated on the same selection criteria and receive the same support, training and resources as Broad Residents. Since these candidates enter the program with pre-existing positions, The Broad Residency plays no role in determining their salary, employment organization or position.

Each year, The Broad Center identifies a select number of organizations from which we will invite Associate Resident applications. These organizations must meet our partner organization eligibility criteria. Associate Resident partnership is often based upon mission related priorities of The Broad Center (geographic location, prior/current Residency placements with the organization, general partner organization criteria, etc). 


Associate Resident selection day is expected to be held on Saturday April 18, 2015.

If you would like to explore your organization's eligibility or to nominate an individual as a 2015 Associate Resident candidate, please contact Erik Fried at



The Broad Residency is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. Submit your resume today.