Resident Roles

Resident Roles

Broad Residents apply management experience developed in the private and public sectors to strengthening public schools.

During the two years in The Broad Residency, Residents gain valuable experience within school districts, charter management organizations and departments of education.  They bring their skills and experiences to add value to their organizations, putting conditions in place that allow good teachers to do great work and ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and thrive . During their Residency, their projects focus on one or more of the following:

  • Ensuring that adequate funding and resources reach the classroom through efficient operations
  • Empowering teachers with the tools and support that they need to meet the needs of every child
  • Engaging with and collaborating with the community
  • Creating data driven systems that enable the entire organization to continuously improve

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Upon completion of the program, Residents will:

  • Understand how education systems work
  • Develop a mastery of the larger school reform movement, from research-based strategies and  case studies to reforms happening on the ground in different cities
  • Have the leadership skills and the network support to strengthen public schools and create sustainable change

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The projects Broad Residents engage in vary depending on the organization, its structure, its focus on reform and its strategic plan. In general, the work follows a cycle in which the first few months are used to learn the landscape and improve the processes that they encounter. For the remainder of the first year, and into the second year, Residents will immerse themselves into one or several projects focused on a particular area. During the second year, Broad Residents generally begin the process of transitioning into a permanent role best suited for them.


 First Year

 Getting up to Speed  
 0-3 months

  • Understand environment
  • Establish credibility with “quick wins”
  • Explore stakeholders’ point of view
  • Build relationships with supervisor/ colleagues

 Immerse Yourself  
 4-12 months 

  • Transition from support to leadership/management responsibilities
  • Increase impact of projects
  • Successfully navigate the system
  • Expand internal relationships

 Second Year

 Tackling the Challenge 
 12-18 months

  • Assume a leadership preparation role leading a high priority initiative
  • Dedicate 50% of time to one project
  • Expand relationships with senior leaders
  • Actively build leadership development skills

 Prepare for Leadership Position
 18-24 months

  • Actively address remaining areas of knowledge, leadership skills, experiences and relationships needed to take on a director level role


Sample Job Summaries

Finance role at CMO

Careful management of finances and assets as well as robust budgeting are critical for Charter Management Organizations' (CMO's) current survival and future growth. CMO finance roles are vital; they ensure the current and continued fiscal strength of the organization, and ultimately, the impact CMO's have on student achievement. In addition, CMO finance roles often present opportunities to create, build, and implement budgeting and purchasing systems and processes.


Human capital role at CMO

As CMO's are often lean organizations, ensuring that the right leaders and the best educators are in place is vital for the organization – and its students – to thrive. In addition, retaining the best people and developing a talent pipeline is key for the CMO’s long-term success. For CMO's to be viable organizations for career employees at all levels, a robust human resourcesdepartment is mission critical.


Operations role at CMO

CMO's are often lean organizations with sizable responsibility. With more freedom to operate as they see fit, growth plans designed to replicate their success, but with less public funding than district schools, CMO's have little room for error. Working in CMO operations promises fast-paced, demanding, and rewarding work at the forefront of education reform, as well as an opportunity to help grow and shape the future of the organization.


Finance role at school district

The fiscal health of a school district is integral to its academic success, and districts must operate efficiently and effectively even while facing financial challenges such as state budget cuts. Working in the financial hub of a school district promises engaging, challenging, and important work that is vital to each student’s success.


Human capital role at school district

Districts recognize that human capital – high-quality teachers and experienced administrators – is vital for student success. As a result, many districts are implementing initiatives to transform their human resources departments. As one district said of human resources work, it is “of the most enduring impact, of greatest challenge, and of best opportunity to positively change outcomes for the students.” 


Instructional role at school district

The bottom line of all school districts is student achievement. Working in the instructional side of school district operations offers complex, high-impact work that reaches every school and every classroom. District instructional work ensures the appropriate design, development, implementation, and evaluation of districtwide educational initiatives. 


Operations role at school district

Running a school district involves complex, multi-departmental, multi-functional work, and Broad Residents who work in operations work in the district’s hub. District operations positions often report to and work side by side with members of the superintendent’s cabinet, and the projects are often highly visible in the community and to district stakeholders. 


Performance management role at school district

Many districts are implementing performance management systems to ensure that central offices and schools operate effectively and efficiently, and most importantly, that all work is aligned with district’s goals. Working in district performance management offers an opportunity to impact performance at the central office and school levels, and benefit all of the district’s students.


Project management role at school district

Some districts create an introductory, rotational system to introduce new Broad Residents to various district departments, leaders and initiatives. Often, these projects – usually three to four months in scope – are the highest priority initiatives in the district, and offer an exciting opportunity to learn about the transformational work happening district-wide, as well as to work directly with high-ranking members of the leadership team. 




The Broad Residency is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. Submit your resume today.